Doggie Night
Posted by Moonlight Cinema on 15 June 2016 11:38 PM

Dogs are allowed on any screening night at our Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Port Douglas Moonlight Venue's (sorry Perth!).

But on Doggie Night's, we simply encourage you to bring along your furry friend! This means you'll find a few more pooches at our venue than on a regular screening night.

Doggie Night's are marked on the program page at


There are a few rules to abide by when bringing a dog into the venue, and these are particularly important on Doggie Night's:

  • All dogs must be kept on a short leash (2m or less) at all times.
  • A responsible adult must hold the leash and be in control of the dog at all times (no more than 2 dogs per adult).
  • Dogs classified as “dangerous” or “restricted”, and dogs needing to be muzzled, will be denied entry. If you are uncertain about the definition of “dangerous” and “restricted” dogs, please ask.
  • Aggressive dogs will be denied entry. If a dog becomes aggressive or fights with another dog once inside the venue, the owner will be told to immediately remove their dog from the venue. Aggression can include, but is not limited to, barking, snapping, growling and snarling. Aggression will be judged by the Moonlight staff and their decision is final.
  • All dog excrement must be cleaned up by the owner and deposited in the bins. This will help to protect the beauty and health of the park and the enjoyment of the cinema by other patrons.
  • Please help to protect our native fauna – keep your dog away from native wildlife.
  • Please bring a drinking container and plenty of water for your dog. These supplies are not readily available within the venue.
  • Do not leave food unattended.


We hope you can make it down with your four legged friend, and have a great night at Moonlight!