How to Book Using a Voucher

If you have a Gift Voucher, Complimentary Pass or Season Pass, we suggest that you redeem your voucher online in advance of the session you wish to attend. Tickets are subject to availability and your voucher does not guarantee you entry until it has been redeemed.

For an illustrated STEP-BY-STEP guide to booking with vouchers - please download the attached PDF.

Quick Guide:

1. Select the session you wish to attend and click on Book Tickets.

2. Above the tickets section is a box marked "Voucher / Promo / Gift Card". Enter your voucher code here, and your PIN in the box which will appear next to it. The voucher will load and appear as a new highlighted line on your ticket order. NOTE: Please leave all other Ticket Quantities at 0 (zero), or you will be charged for additional tickets.

3. Double check the order details. You have the option of donating $2.00 to the Motion Picture Industry Benevolent Society and AHL nominated charity. If you do not wish to do so, unselect this option.

4. Click on "Proceed to Payment" and follow the prompts to complete your booking. 

5. Your Print at Home tickets together with a tax invoice will be emailed to you.

Tickets are subject to availability. Terms of Sale apply.

 If you are still having trouble, try our troublehooter - "My voucher isn't working"



 Step-by-Step Moonlight Vouchers.pdf (950.90 KB)
 Step-by-Step Moonlight Gift Cards_1819.pdf (827.79 KB)